Is LiquidGuides really free, what’s the catch?

 LiquidGuides is really free for most functionality. The hope is that enough people will want the extra features available in the subscription service to pay for the cost of maintaining the site. Subscription is $4.99 a year and gives you the ability to; print and save to PDF or HTML, plus the ability to copy and customize community shared guides. On the mobile versions you can save more than one guide on the phone and upload (Android only for now) other users shared guides in addition to your own.

Can I view guides on my mobile device?

Yes you can view guides on: Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7.  You can also create and modify guides and store them locally.  On Android you can also upload guides and soon that will be available on iPhone.

Are there any rules?

You can only post information (e.g. images) that you have rights to.
You cannot copy and sell other people’s guides without their permission. In the future we will have the ability to pay based on commission, for example you can allow another user to translate a guide into a different language and you both get paid a percentage established among yourselves. No profanity, nudity or hateful content, please keep the content appropriate for any age.  Note that LiquidGuides may not be able to police or enforce any of these rules, but we have the right to delete guides and remove users that do not follow these rules.

Why can’t I see all of my Photobucket or Picasa photos?

Only public albums are currently viewable from Photobucket or Picasa. To view them on LiquidGuides make them public.

What are the requirements for using LiquidGuides

LiquidGuides works on Windows PCs, MACs, Android (2.2), iPhone (4.02) and Windows phone 7.  On Windows it works with IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.
On the Mac it works with Firefox and Safari browsers.
It requires the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, which will be installed automatically.
It does not work on mobile devices and older MACs that are based on the PowerPC chip.
It may work on Linux, depending on the version of Silverlight available. (LiquidGuides uses version 4 at the moment)
It requires a reasonably fast internet connection.

The system requirements on Windows:
- Operating system; Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (with Service Pack 2)
- Intel Pentium III 450 MHz or faster (or equivalent)

The system requirements for MACs
- Operating system; Apple Mac OS 10.4.8 or higher
- Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor

Here is a Microsoft site with additional details about Silverlight compatibility.


If you find any compatibility issues please report them to support@liquidguides.com