· All capabilities are free.  If you subscribe you also get:


· Online, no need to download SW (except for MS Silverlight plug-in, which you may already have)

· Create and modify from anywhere you have internet access.


· Add Maps, Images, HTML, Text, Audio, Video, URLs and hyperlinks.

View Modes:

· View  guides in document format, book format, on a map or on a calendar

Use Photos from:

· Flickr, PhotoBucket, Picasa, SmugMug or Ipernity as well as your own that you can upload to Liquidguides.


· Add/delete places on map

· Add/modify information about each place including HTML with images and maps

· Add routes to map

· Add places and routes to schedule

· Create and edit itinerary (a schedule of places on a calendar)


· Places can be placemarks, routes (line drawing) or freehand drawings.

· Shows places using google StreetView and Microsoft BirdsEyeView

· Shows what is nearby place

· Search for places by entering keywords or addresses


· Guides can be marked for: personal use only, shared to all members, shared to friends or for sale to all members

· Application will warn if places on schedule are not open